Is there a road hazard in your near future?

Posted by Kenneth Sprague on 1/12/18 2:43 PM

Are snow covered and slippery roads our biggest concern this time of year? For some, it may be. For most of us in New England, and other cold weather locations, the vote may go to potholes and the potential damage caused from pavement issues.

USP_PotHoleRepair_400x400-1.pngFrost heaves in roadways are the result of moisture combining with soil. Once this soil gets wet and the water freezes, it expands and creates pressure in the asphalt (or concrete), pushing it up and down. Over time, the asphalt cracks, separates, and forms our beloved potholes. Throughout the winter months, with the constant freezing and thawing cycle we experience through our weather patterns, potholes will not be going away soon.

These frost heaves have the potential to cause additional road hazards. Catch Basins and drain covers which seemed to be secure in the fall, can lose their integrity because the structures have shifted. They now have the potential to sink, or in extreme cases, to cause sink holes. This becomes a real danger for pedestrians, and especially, curious youngsters examining this new occurrence (adventure).

Whatever happens with our roadways, there is a major cost to be paid if pedestrians are hurt, or if our vehicles get damaged. But what is to be done with these immediate concerns during the winter months?

Year-round, U.S. Pavement Services can address these issues quickly and effectively. By deploying our exclusive infrared paving technology, our cost-effective approach to green patching that recycles the asphalt in place during the repair process, we are uniquely positioned to address pavement concerns and potholes throughout the winter. By utilizing this process and our highly trained professionals, we can correct the surprises presented to us by Mother Nature.

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