CEO-Ready: Lead By Example

Posted by Andrew Musto on 7/25/18 5:36 PM

This week on CEO-Ready, we're in Marietta, GA with The Surface Masters President Justin Meier. Justin talks about how there are two aspects to being CEO-Ready: a mental piece and a physical piece. Mentally you have to know your stuff so you are ready at any time to be “peppered with questions” and physically you need to look the part, both to represent your expertise and professionalism.  

Seeing such growth in just 7 years of starting his company (as a 1-man crew striping marking lots as a side job), Justin knows the importance of leading by example to set a positive tone for others to follow. You must be willing to go above and beyond to uphold the expectations you put in place for your team.

Check out this installment in our CEO-Ready video series! Join us again next week as we continue the exploration of this topic.


Topics: Customer Service, Culture, CEO Ready, Team, Leadership