CEO-Ready: People are key to a CEO-Ready Culture

Posted by Andrew Musto on 3/9/18 8:20 PM

CEO-Ready - The Company.png

This week, we are in the office for our CEO-Ready culture video series, visiting with our Director of Production, Seth McNary.  Seth oversees our in-house operations and production.

How do you hire a CEO-Ready person for your crews and operation?  It turns out you don't!  Seth explains how he depends more on the good people within the organization - with the positive morals and values - to train new people and help develop the next CEO-Ready member of the team. 

For Seth, he "hopes the [customer] CEO does show up" because seeing our crews in live action will show how our people perform at the highest level and that's truly the differentiator in our customer experience.

Check out this third installment in our video series!  Join us next week, to explore more perspectives to the CEO-Ready concept!


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