Is there a road hazard in your near future?

Posted by Kenneth Sprague on 1/12/18 2:43 PM

Are snow covered and slippery roads our biggest concern this time of year? For some, it may be. For most of us in New England, and other cold weather locations, the vote may go to potholes and the potential damage caused from pavement issues.

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U.S. Pavement Services Uniquely Positioned for the Carolinas

Posted by Robert Pappalardo on 5/10/16 10:07 PM

When U.S. Pavement Services, Inc. expanded operations earlier this year it was more than just a name change for Carolinas General Manager Rick Adkison.  It was a full integration of capabilities complete with brand new equipment, additional service offerings and expanded territory coverage in the region.  Since that time, the Operation’s already strong delivery capacity has been further expanded with an influx of new, Made In America equipment and vehicles.

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U.S. Pavement Services Help Red Sox Prepare for Opening Day at Fenway Park

Posted by Robert Pappalardo on 4/11/16 3:16 PM

There is nothing like opening day at Fenway Park after a long cold winter.  The Red Sox are back in town to begin the season and U.S. Pavement Services, Inc. is doing its part to get Fenway ready for another year.

Our crews spent the day getting three separate parking lots ready for the throngs of baseball fans who will visit the park throughout the season.  Just like the players need spring training to get in shape for the season, Fenway’s parking lots also needed to get in shape too but our teams were already in midseason form.

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Low cost asphalt repair and winter maintenance

Posted by Robert Pappalardo on 3/12/15 4:46 PM

Bob Pappalardo of U.S. Pavement Services is featured in the March - 2015 edition of the New England Real Estate Journal (NEREJ) with an article that evaluates low cost asphalt repair options and winter maintenance.

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Refresh and Renew Parking Lots without the Expense of Repaving

Posted by Robert Pappalardo on 5/23/14 11:00 AM

Now that the snow has finally melted, one might think that retail and commercial parking lots will finally be clear. No liability hazards, no spaces occupied with piles of snow, nothing at all, really, to worry about.

Except when you pull into the lot you find it gray and grizzled, riddled with cracks, warped frost heaves and potholes. Sand and dirt cake the surface. The curb is in pieces and gravel has dumped out. In a few months, the winter has done to parking lots and property what a group of vandals couldn't do in a year. There's not much to be done, one might think, but repave the whole th

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