U.S. Pavement adds Milling Division and Increases Production Capacity

Posted by Andrew Musto on 11/19/15 5:00 PM

Recap of an article in Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine about the addition of a new milling division to U.S. Pavement Services fleet - which has helped increase our production capacity by 25% - 30%.  The November 2015 feature details the benefits of adding additional in-house capacity through the voice of our Bill Garvey, Director of Construction and Andrew Musto, COO of U.S. Pavement Services.

US_PAVEMENT_FINAL_Milling.jpgA brief snippet from the article:  Since its inception in 1985, U.S. Pavement Services Inc., Woburn, MA, has experienced significant business milestones that occur at 10-year intervals.  At first, Mike Musto, the founder/owner, focused on asphalt pavement sealcoating. His business of applying sealcoating grew by helping customers to prevent asphalt cracks, imperfections, and the premature asphalt repairs. In 1995, U.S. Pavement added asphalt paving to its services leading to a move into heavier paving work.

In 2005, the company created a network of other paving companies to provide participants with a powerful marketing tool as well as greater business depth and buying power.  Collectively there are currently 220 members, representing more than 4,000 employees and combined sales of approximately $850 million.

The most recent milestone, in 2015, the company has added milling to its menu of services.  With the addition of milling in-house, the company estimates it will increase its bottom-line significantly and provide 25% to 35% more capacity in production.  Read the entire article here>>

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Our Milling and Paving Crews in Action-

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