CEO-Ready: Walk the Walk

Posted by Andrew Musto on 4/27/18 4:53 PM

This week on CEO-Ready, we're visiting with U.S. Pavement's Crew #2 Foreman, Kynan Mello.  Kynan talks about grinding with "his guys" and what it does to morale, camaraderie, and overall team performance to work side-by-side every day.  "K" as he is known, talks about how the CEO-Ready culture is all about being mentally and physically prepared for the work every day.

Having been with the company for 7 years, both in our Concrete division and, more recently, in our Paving division, K knows the trajectory possible with one takes pride in their work and strives ("that hunger") to align their own ambitions with the company's.

This is our seventh installment in the CEO-Ready video series - Check it out!  Join us again next week as we continue the exploration of this topic.


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