CEO-Ready: Leading with Inspiration

Posted by Andrew Musto on 7/1/18 5:10 PM

This week on CEO-Ready, we're at New Balance world headquarters at Boston Landing to meet with Kassia Davis, Director of Global Merchandising. Kassia discusses the importance of leading by example and with inspiration. The key for Kassia is surrounding herself with talent and ensuring each team member feels empowered to execute on her vision.  

When the team is built around New Balance core values, truly believes in actively listening, and feels the confidence of their leader behind them every step of the way, great things are possible.  The creativity and mobilized approach to both design and inevitable problem-solving results from a balance of big-picture visioning and detailed, execution-driven mindsets.  A truly balanced team!

Check out this installment in our CEO-Ready video series!  Join us again next week as we continue the exploration of this topic.


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