Be Proactive About Your Parking Lot Needs

Posted by Andrew Musto on 4/12/17 10:01 AM

Now that spring is here, the mindset of a property manager sometimes has to shift from a well-organized, proactive plan to handling the emergencies that popped up as the seasons transitioned. But we can’t forget about our budgeted projects for the rest of the year either! Finding that balance between immediately repairing liabilities and planning cost-effective care for your pavements is where a professional all-in-one contractor comes in.

The ability for the contractor to assess your needs, listen to your concerns about the short-term AND the long-term, and provide suitable options for each different mindset is the difference between a service provider and a true partner.

Your partner in pavement management should be able to know the urgency of addressing your liability concerns, providing options for potholes repairs, catch basins, curbing, and winter clean-up. Not looking to hit home runs. These types of repairs are a need-only type of approach. What is needed today to remove liabilities?

At the same time, the partner should be able to “zoom out” and look at your property with a long-term focus. What is needed to protect the asphalt investment (one of your property’s most valuable assets)? How can we best balance longer-term repair needs with maintenance scopes, like crackfilling and sealcoating, to ensure we’re achieving aesthetic goals for the property? How can we break this work up over multiple years to ensure we’re always being cost-conscious and budget-friendly?

It’s ok to use your pavement contractor to provide information, not just scopes of work. In order to move from being just another contractor to being a partner, pavement providers need to bring knowledge, expertise, recommendations, and good listening skills to the table. Look to find the recommendations and liability repairs you need from a company focused on partnering for the long-haul, not just hitting home runs as the season kicks off. We’re ready to be that partner. Call us today 1-800-PAVEMENT!

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