Defining our 2018 Operational goals

Posted by Andrew Musto on 4/20/18 5:45 PM

In the pavement industry, we have the advantage of an “off season” during the winter months, where pavement work in New England slows temporarily and the snow flies. This time is a perfect opportunity for debriefing, planning, setting priorities, and training.

During our 2017-2018 “off-season” debriefings and Crew Leader Trainings, our team discussed and debated our biggest goals for the upcoming 2018 season. This will be our company’s 34th season so it was important to look not only at how we perform day-to-date, but also at our fundamentals as a business and a family.  Led by Director of Production Seth McNary, our Crew Leaders and Operations Leadership team  set out with these goals for 2018! 



Teamwork & Communication

As our team grows – both in size and in the trajectory of each member here – we have to be clear and concise in our daily communication. The team outlined four key areas to better work together and ultimately be “one band, one sound”:Slide1

  • Clearer paperwork … ensuring the customer’s needs and scopes are outlined clearly, so our teams can hit the ground running on every job.
  • Being prepared for the job … the clearer paperwork allows the crews to arrive prepared and ensure they are acclimated with the job before arriving.
  • Correct tools each day … ensuring that the preparations each evening lead to the crews dispatching with all necessary tools, equipment, and needs without delay.
  • Patience with each other … reminding everyone that we need to work together and being patient and respectful with one another.


Walk the Walk

Each member of our team, company-wide, needs to bring their A-game every day. That’s the expectation when we are performing at this level. The Operations team outlined three key areas where walking the walk plays out:Slide2

  • Accountability … for the good jobs and the bad jobs. Looking to hold ourselves and each other accountable as well as the affirmation of a job well done.
  • Attendance … a simple thing but one that drives so much in our seasonal business. Be on time and the entire day will go more smoothly.
  • Fleet … investments are made each year and each day in keeping our fleet, equipment, and tools in top condition. Keeping these items clean and new will ensure the entire operation experiences less down-time and is more professional.


Increase Output & Productivity

As we establish ever-developing goals for each other and ourselves, we have to look at continuing to responsibly push our ability to deliver high-quality jobs. The team saw this as a necessary Slide3challenge, especially as the leadership team coalesces as it has:

  • Stepping up our game … Each member looking to what could be the next logical step in our progression in each of our positions. Is it a volume measure? Is it the ability to operate a new piece of equipment? Is it a certification we’ve always thought about? For each person, it’s a different measure but for everyone, it’s about stepping to that next level.
  • Looking for that next Crew Leader … Always looking to develop each role in our organization so that everyone is ready for the next stage of performance as this company grows in a responsible way. Who is next to lead tomorrow’s crew? This needs to be an active, deliberate search process from within.
  • Less call-backs and less break-downs … Ensuring that our goal every day is to perform high-quality jobs and take care of our equipment/fleet, resulting in less down-time and less defects for our customers.


Be Positive.

It’s a simple term but it means so much. Many of us spend large portions of their lives at work. Why Slide4not be positive in that process? It will favorably impact all elements of our lives. Our team came up with four areas where this goal to “Be Positive” can come to fruition:

  • Make Money … That’s the goal, right? If we are all doing our jobs every day, then crews will get substantial hours, overtime, and make money. If the jobs are done right, the organization will be profitable and continue to be able to invest. It’s a no brainer.
  • Be Happy … We’re all lucky to work for a great company where we actually enjoy being around our colleagues. It’s ok to smile about it.
  • Stay Safe … We want to go out every day, enjoy ourselves, make money, but also get home safe. That’s the most important thing. Staying safe and keeping our work sites safe is paramount. This is the prerequisite to every other professional priority we have.
  • Control the message … Be proactive in our communication with customers, colleagues, partners, and everyone. Answer the question before it’s asked. Control the mood and attitude on a job by being ahead of the game and being confident about the plan.


We are very excited about the opportunity to see our Crew Leaders and Operations Leadership put these goals into practice every day. The vibe here is one of excitement and anticipation as we approach this year with renewed focus and energy. Congratulations to this team for these aspirational, practical, and challenging goals!


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